USF Magazine Fall 2012

Volume 54 | Number 3


Coming Together

| USF News

Sarasota resident Louise Harrison, sister of the late Beatle George Harrison, is teaming up with the USFSM College of Education for a new arts integration program. Harrison is one of several community members involved in arts and education who was tapped for the program's inaugural board.

PAInT (Partnership for Arts Integrated Teaching), a university-community initiative, is focused on developing curriculum centered on arts infusion. Students will draw on resources from the community to create a unique learning environment in the classroom.

Harrison, who helped introduce the Beatles in the United States, will bring a Beatles tribute band she created to local high schools in the fall. Students will have the opportunity to play with the band and learn selected Beatles tunes.

Education Professor Elizabeth Larkin, who leads the new initiative, says both USFSM and local school students will benefit. "Our USFSM College of Education graduates will benefit from the faculty partnering with a variety of arts organizations and collaboratively exploring effective curriculum design and strategies for enhancing learning."

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