USF Magazine Summer 2012

Volume 54 | Number 2

High Impact

Top 50 Research Ranking

New ranking by the National Science Foundation places USF in the elite top 50 of research universities nationwide.

USF now ranks 50th in the nation for research expenditures among all U.S. universities, public or private, according to the National Science Foundation.

The new ranking puts USF in the elite class of research universities, joining Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Yale and Harvard. Only one other Florida university made the list.

The rankings, which cover fiscal year 2010, show USF rising 15 spots from the previous NSF survey in 2007, when USF ranked 65th. The current research ranking shows USF had $385 million in total research expenditures during FY 2010, of which $243 million was federally funded.

Paul Sanberg, vice president for Research and Innovation, says the rankings show USF's maturity as a research university and the success of research faculty in responding to the needs of our community and the world.

The largest single group of research grants at the university are earned by the pediatric epidemiology center, headed by Jeffrey Krischer. Together with his team, Krischer leads international trials aimed at finding causes and treatments for Type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases, and hosts the nation's Rare Disease Clinical Research Network.